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Asher Dahan (Wearable Devices) On A New Approach To Gesture Input For Smartglasses

Asher Dahan is the CEO and co-founder of Wearable Devices, where they seek to transform how humans communicate to smart devices, such as smartwatches and smartglasses, by making the interface as natural and intuitive as normal human interaction.

At Wearable Devices, Asher and his team have created a new type of gesture-based controller, called Mudra, that is worn around the wrist and senses hand and finger movement.

In this conversation, Asher and I explore the history around using our hands to communicate to computers. We go on talk about some of the challenges of current gesture-based input approaches for smartglasses and really dig into the Mudra device: how it works, the impact it could have, and how you can get your hands on one.


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