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Onboarding Users to a New Interface

When a user starts using a new app or product, an onboarding process is needed to ensure a smooth transition. The process can include presenting the user several features, explaining how to use the app and guiding new users in order for them to get the most out of your product.

With the Mudra Band, users don’t just go through onboarding for the app, but also for a whole new wearable device, interface and User Experience.

The Mudra Band connects to the Apple Watch, and allows the user touchless control of the iPhone using a combination of air-mouse and finger gestures with the new Air-Touch feature. With this function, the user can swipe screens, launch applications, scroll website content, and interact with all phone applications without touching the iPhone.

By now, we have already exposed our users to the new Air-Touch feature, as well as the hand gestures and movements needed to use it. Our mission is to make the transition from using the iPhone touch screen to using Air-Touch with the Mudra Band smooth and effortless.

For this purpose, we’ve created a detailed onboarding video to visually guide our users through the onboarding process and assist them in starting to use their Mudra Band efficiently:

Main Points to Take from the Onboarding Process:

  • Testflight - In order for us to test our app and the Mudra Band’s performance, the Mudra Band app is downloaded through the TestFlight application. First, download the TestFlight app from the App Store. Inside the app you will see the option to download the Mudra Band application.

  • Mudra Band application - On the Mudra band application, you will first be guided through the onboarding process. After you’ve set up your Mudra Band, the app can be used to update firmware, change settings and features, and more. We will continue to add features and functionality on an ongoing basis to the app.

  • AssistiveTouch - The Mudra Band connects as an external pointer device through the iPhone’s AssistiveTouch feature. To turn on AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, follow the steps provided by the onboarding screens in the Mudra Band app.

  • Watch face complication - Add the Mudra Band complication to your Apple Watch face. The Air-Touch feature works when the Mudra Band complication is at the front of your watch face.


Other than the video, we’ve also created a detailed walkthrough on the Mudra Band app that guides the user step by step to ensure they know how to fully operate the Mudra Band and to get their phone set up and Air-Touch ready. The walkthrough includes:

Interactive videos and explanations on how to correctly perform the gestures and movements

Interactive videos and examples of functions you can perform with Air-Touch

Explanations on what the LED lights mean, as well as other indications

Guides on how to setup your iPhone settings and get your phone Air-Touch ready


Adapting to a new interface can be challenging, and can take some time to get used to. With our onboarding video, as well as our onboarding walk throughs in the Mudra Band app, our objective is that our users will integrate seamlessly to the Air-Touch feature and take part in the path to the future of touch free technological interactions.

In the near future of ambient computing and Virtual Reality, Air-Touch and the Mudra neural input technology offer a natural, intuitive and simple method to interact with digital devices and digital elements. Onboarding and habituating users to the Mudra Band now will help set the input standard for the Metaverse and future of technology.


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