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Wearable Devices presents its neural input technology at AI Week Tel-Aviv

We were delighted to be chosen to present our pioneering work in deciphering the brain’s neural code using Machine Learning at the רשות החדשנות (לשעבר המדען הראשי) Israel Innovation Authority's STARTUP PAVILION during the @aiweektlv AI week in Tel Aviv. We are running state-of-the-art deep learning + CNN algorithms for a multi-dimensional, non-stationary time series bio-potential signals with low SNR, in real-time, on low compute devices such as a smartwatch with no latency using TensorFlow 2. This is something you will not see elsewhere!

You’ll have a chance to meet our Algorithms and Software team and discuss all things AI.

The pavilion will be at the Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University, on 18th (Mon.) and 19th (Tue).


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