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Mind Reader Wristband Uses Your Thoughts to Make Devices Work

In the future, keyboards and remote controls may be replaced with a more direct way for humans to interact with machines — hand gestures.

Elizabeth Lee, VOA news - July 13, 2021

Typing, Swiping, and even Clicking, may soon be obsolete. They are already being replaced by voice activated commands, and next up: wearing a wristband that allows you to interact with a machine with just a flick of a finger.

The Israeli company Wearable Devices developed this Mudra Band, that senses electrical signals generated by the body. When the sensors come in contact with the skin, they detect and translate the electrical signal from the neurons in the wrist into hand gestures through deep learning algorithm.

From answering phones when its inconvenient to touch a srceen to taking selfies, and playing games, Wearable Devices is not the only company working on this type of technology. In 2019, the head of Facebook Reality Labs announced acquiring the company CTRL-Labs, which developed a similar wristband for reportedly more than 500 million dollars.

The Mudra Band is being used with some smartwatches, virtual and augmented reality applications are also likely, but not every technology is a good fit with the Mudra band. What is certain is that the future of computing will tap into this type of technology to allow users to more directly and quickly interact with computers with just a gesture. Elizabeth Lee, VOA news


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