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Exploring the intersection of simulated reality and technology mass adoption at AWE2023.

Some key insights from @Barry Kaplan presentation:

1. The notion that our brain resides in a simulated reality challenges how we approach technology adoption.

2. Our subjective perception of the outside world through our senses adds complexity to the adoption process.

3. Fascinatingly, approximately 40% of our brain's processing is dedicated to our hands.

4. Traditional handheld devices struggle to interpret analog input, limiting their responsiveness.

5. As we yearn for futuristic advancements, the absence of flying cars still raises questions.

6. Ease of use plays a pivotal role in driving mass adoption of new technologies.

7. Despite its immense potential, XR (Extended Reality) adoption has yet to experience explosive growth.

Feel free to check out the link to the full video:

Our newly released white paper:


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