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Meet Mudra at Slush21 in Helsinki

Mudra is setting the input standard interface for the Metaverse

We believe that neural interface is crucial for market adoption of wearable computing and the for the Metaverse. We are delighted to back to Europe for physical meetings in Slush 2021.

You can use the Slush Matching Tool to schedule a demo.

With multiple apps, dozens of B2B and B2C use-cases, hundreds of devices sold, and thousands of users who tried it, the Mudra technology is setting an industry standard for interaction, gesturing, and control using neural interface.

The Mudra Band for Apple Watch, with it’s true wrist form-factor, elegant style, flexible layout, and durable design, is now in mass production.

Learn more and order the Mudra Inspire neural input interface dev-kit - Schedule an online demo of Mudra Inspire -


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