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Motion Capture Suits, Augmented Hearing, Social VR, and More! Highlights from the AWE2018 Expo

Last Friday marked the final day of the 2018 Augmented World Expo, where over 250 exhibitors from all around the world came together to showcase the latest and greatest in the XR universe. Walking through the expo felt like going through Tony Stark’s garage: exhibitors displayed mil-spec enterprise headsets designed to help industrial workers. Companies also showed innovative developer tools, fresh takes on haptic devices, and compelling experiences. Here is a shortlist of some really cool exhibits that I ran into while traversing the expo floor:

Mudra by Wearable Devices:

Another great gesture recognition device on the expo floor, the Mudra band by Wearable Devices turns the user’s entire hand into an input for computer applications. Unlike devices that rely on visuals to determine hand movements like the HoloLens, the band detects nervous system activity in order to recognize a number of fine movements including pinches, swipes, and scrolls. All users have to do is strap the device onto their wrist and calibrate it using the Mudra app.

Spencer Corpuz, Published in FarSeer


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