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The Augmented World Expo: Go XR or Become Extinct

Two new devices that I was shown at AWE 2018 take the control and movement of objects in the XR universe to the next step. One is by Wearable Devices, an Israeli company. Their MUDRA touch Free Wearable Controller for Digital Devices allows you to control a device using a wristband that reads the interface between your brain and your hand and transmits it to the XR device.

The MUDRA is not measuring the movement of your fingers as proved by wearing the device and then having someone else move your fingers for you—nothing happens but when it is your own brain causing the movement both your real hand and the hand of the virtual or remote device move. You have full control of it just as if it were part of your body. These seeming brain wave sensor devices are soon available for smart watches and XR headsets and much more. Using one was an amazing experience as the band can detect when a user touches a virtual item and can detect the grabbing action of a user picking up a physical item.

Dan Feinberg, Technology Editor, I-Connect007


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