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The Mudra Band and how Wearable Devices is Defining the Future of Immersive Customer Experiences

The News: In news highlights from CES 2021, the Mudra Band from Wearable Devices, Ltd. was awarded the CES 2021 “Best of CES Innovation Award” in the Best Wearable Category. The “gesture control” band, which attaches like any other Apple Watch strap and connects to the watch via Bluetooth, has a sensor inside that detects electrical signals sent by the brain to the fingers. It then uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze those signals and map them to finger motions. Each gesture is used on the watch to manage calls, control music, take photos, and more. The Mudra band for Apple Watch could make the Apple Watch more accessible as it controls the watch using touchless finger gestures of the same hand that wears the watch and keeps the display visible.

Fred McClimans, Futurum


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