Top AI-powered Wearables To Look Out For In 2021

AI-Powered wearables have become a part of our smarter lifestyle. Check out the best next-gen wearables available.

Designed and developed by Wearable Devices Ltd, Mudra Band is a wrist-worn wearable that allows users to control music, manage calls, schedule appointments and dismiss notifications using effortless finger movements. The product is equipped with IMU (6-DOF) motion sensor, a gyroscope and 3 Surface Nerve Conductance (SNC) sensors. While the SNC sensors are designed to capture neural signals from the brain, the inbuilt deep learning algorithms help decipher the signal patterns to analyse and classify the finger movements in real-time. Most importantly, the watch learns the intended gestures vs unintended actions and connects them with the context of the user’s activity.

Kumar Gandhary, Analytics India

Read: Top AI-powered Wearables To Look Out For In 2021